Deliverance ministries is the general term used in referring to an activity that cleanses a person from evil spirits, demons and other supernatural beings that have gained access to their body or have oppressed them for a long time. The connotation that the experiences of a person is an oppression of an evil spirit has been traced back as early as the days when the gospel readings have been written. The oppression of these beings manifests in the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of the human being. Deliverance ministries focus their strength and prepares their body in their casting activities. They cast our spirits that are believed to cause the afflictions of people.


Casting evil spirits have been discussed and exemplified by the apostles in the bible. It is believed that the authority to cast out demons from people was given to them by the Almighty Father and this authority is exercised through a spoken command that is directed to the evil spirit that is inside another human being's body. The authority is rooted in faith and the more faith we have, the more authority a person is able to exercise. This deliverance ministry is for believers only, all Christian believers have the authority to cast out demons and evil spirits because as Christians we are seated with Christ in heaven and we are above the demons in the level of authority. Visit this website at for more details.


Casting demons at this site is by faith but the sole source of our authority is our Lord Jesus Christ and when casting out demons, the name of the Lord Jesus Christ is cried out loud such as saying the phrase "in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ, I order you demon to get out of the body of this person." Deliverance ministries are also applicable to the removal of evil spirits in the homes and offices, even in objects that are believed to harbor evil spirits. Some of the members of deliverance ministries may ask the owners of those objects to burn the items.



Deliverance ministries are different from the practice of exorcism. Exorcisms also cast out demons from people utilizing exorcism rituals and sacramental attendants such as holy water, crucifix and priest clothing's. Deliverance ministries offer ongoing counseling through the different programs that they institute. Deliverance ministries involves the person in their casting out activities to try to remove the influences of the demon or evil spirit and the individual takes part in all the processes and takes responsibility of the result of the sessions, click here for more info.